kosher certification service

Kosher Certification

To give more level satisfaction with proper selection of food that follows the dietary law.

Kosher is the word comes from Hebrew which means proper, fit or correct. Nowadays, it is the term used to describe the food and drink that compiles the dietary law of the Jewish religion. To get a product the kosher certification they have to follow certain norms like each ingredient, processing aid and food additive used in the production purpose also should “kosher”. Additionally, the production activities must meet the requirements of kosher and should be approved by the auditor of kosher.

What is kosher

Kosher refers to a set of complex biblical laws that detailed about the type of food that the Jewish people must eat and the way it should prepare. Kosher food is divided into various categories like meat, dairy, pareve, eggs, and fish. Kosher follows certain rules like all the ingredients must be from kosher animal, the animal must be slaughtered with clear and it should be examined by skilled shochet, extensively expert individual in the rituals, permissible portions of the animal must be properly prepared before cooking, all utensils used in slaughtering must be clean, all activities like produced, processed and packaged should be done by kosher equipment.

Why certification is good for my business

Kosher certification is an International quality standard, which is standalone and commonly in the retail sector and food ingredients.

  • Kosher certification help to create the additional sales revenue
  • Provide access to new customers and market.
  • Give more level of satisfaction than any other certification.

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