HALAAL certification

HALAAL Certification

Eat permitted food and live healthily

The sign of Halaal means lawful or permitted food. This certification is applicable to food items and drinks. It is necessary to make sure that any food they are consuming in their daily life is clean, not harmful and hygiene. Halaal trade refers to the trade of certified products which fulfill the quality and should meet the standards accepted internationally in cleanliness and manufacturing process.

What is Halaal

The certification of Halaal is important in our today’s market. It is not just because of the religion, rather than that it is safe for consumption. Many businesses are trying to get the Halaal certification for products, services, merchandise, and premises. Types of Halaal certification are scheme related to restaurant, abattoir, storage, and endorsement of the product. Halaal should not do anything against of Islamic view and should not use any appliances and processing methods against the Islamic view.

Why certification good for my business

  • Opportunity taps a food market of global Halaal and about 2 billion people (Middle East, USA, Central Asia).
  • Halaal logo is independent, reliable and authorities’ testimony to support Halaal claims.
  • To increase the marketability in Muslim countries and market.
  • Gain the food preparation cleanliness.
  • Boost up the food quality to global standards.

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