TPI -Third Party Inspection

tpi inspection services

TPI -Third Party Inspection Services

Quality management is one of the major targets of the production companies. Due to high competition it is very important to maintain best possible quality than the competitors else these companies may lose their contracts. To manufacture high quality products it is extremely important to ensure the overall quality – from raw materials to final shipment process. A third-party inspection provider is an organization complying with category ‘A’ of the ISO 17020 standard who audits various stages of production based on the client’s requirement in order to ensure the expected quality is in place.

There are 4 types of third party inspection

Pre-production inspection

A pre-production inspection usually takes place either before production starts to check the inputs of a production. This helps to ensure quality and consistency guidelines of the raw materials and also help to start the production without any major delay.

During production inspection

DUPRO or during production inspection is another important inspection performs to find out any possible defects. This inspection allows identifying the deviations and allows taking corrective actions.

Final random inspection

Final random inspection begins after production has been completed and packed ready for shipment. This helps to ensure the products are consistent and compliant with the required standards or specified requirements and don’t have any critical major or minor defects.

Container loading inspection

Container loading inspection helps to reassurance safety and quality requirements are met and followed proper goods handling procedures during container loading process.

Inspectors from QMPG are fully trained and highly experienced. Our core values helped us to provide best in class service to our clients across the globe with tailor made solutions. QMPG conducts all the 4 types of third party inspection services which are applicable to the below given industries.

TIP Service Sectors

  • Basic Metals
  • Fabricated Metals and Products
  • Machines and Equipments
  • Electrical and Optical Equipments
  • Manufacture of transport Equipments
  • Gas Supply
  • Fire and safety inspection
  • Why Us

    • We help owners and contractors comply with third party inspection requirements.
    • Highly experienced auditors and support team.
    • Custom made solutions.
    • Reasonable pricing.

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