Supplier Identification & Buyer Representation

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Supplier Identification & Buyer Representation

QMPG is proud to say that we are stepping to a new area of service that is Supplier
identification and Buyer Representation. Though we said it’s a new service we are not new
to this field, QMPG and our auditors are highly experienced in this field. Round the global, all
kind of markets are facing troubles due to this sudden scenario and thus we understood the
need for this service sector is much necessary during this pandemic period and after this
tough situation as well.

Manufacturers, Suppliers, Buyers are all others those who are associated with Production-
Supply chain are those who can experience the fruit of this service. If you're purchasing bulk
and want to do various types of audits and qualifications of the goods you're purchasing and
the manufacturer, suppliers, etc. but you don't want to invest a lot in travel, you're the right
individual to make use of this service. Supplier identification & buyer Representation is a
process in which we will focus more on the competency of suppliers to supply products and
its design competency, quality, legal aspects, resources,  R&D, top management
commitment, current testimonials, experience in the field etc.. Also, QMPG will help the
organization globally to design, identify, evaluate, negotiate, coordinate, co-operate,
represent and operate on behalf of buyers sitting in different parts of the world without any
burden of travelling or hours of communication. QMPG’s vast experience in the industry will
help the customers to identify a right sourcing place with a good supply chain management.

  • Product Sourcing

    As stepping in to new collaboration it is necessary to know the vendors,suppliers, manufacturers as well, we can assist you here, our trained auditors will conduct various audits to for product quality review, inquire about the manufacturers, suppliers / vendors and who ever have been involved in the business and send a report that helps you to continue without any risks in the

  • Second Party Audit

    You're big enough, but you don't support spending a lot on travel & more to conduct audits and qualifications that you can hire us as your representatives, so we'll do all types of audit on behalf of you. In this form of audit, we verify the contract between our buyer and the supplier. We inspect cost, delivery, price, packaging and all other terms and conditions of the contract. Prepare, audit and report that we strictly follow these measures when operating as a Second Party Audit.

  • Identify vendors / suppliers

    It is an important and necessary task to evaluate or analyse your vendor/supplier while doing business in large scale. If vendors/suppliers can meet quality, pricing, service, deliver and reliability he/she can be a good supplier. Moreover good reputation is one of the major options to scale a vendor/supplier. Working with a good supplier can lead your business to great success and we help you in identifying good vendor/supplier for your business.

  • Audit Vendors and suppliers

    It is a good practice of doing a vendor/supplier audit before you go directly. This will identify the gaps between the production process and quality of produced goods. This process ensures to check whether all the offerings from the supplier are meeting without any gaps. QMPG and our auditors are all geared up and experienced for auditing different vendors and suppliers.

  • Qualify vendors and suppliers

    Apart from identifying and auditing, this is a more risky task. This is will provide a clear picture of confidence and assurance to buyers about suppliers and vendors, whether they could meet the requirement, time, etc. The one who can meet the standards is a qualified vendor or supplier.

  • Conduct surprise verifications

    A surprise inspect is far better than announced inspects. Our surprise audits manufacturing units ensures the well being of the employees with an ultimate aim of quality control.

  • Online inspections

    Much of the online or onsite types are announced inspections. In this inspection we specifically determine the capacity of the producer or supplier to generate the requested quantity. Also, we analyse the quality of the produced goods and raw materials used for the production. At the end of the day we will give our review of inspections to you.

  • Shipment Inspections

    Our highly trained inspectors will select samples from each batch and will undergo analysis as per the pre designed way. We analyze the quantity and quality of the products, the packaging, Batch numbers, pricing etc and a detailed report regarding our audit will be submitted to you. The main objective for performing shipment inspection is to clear all legal compliances like import duties and taxes, etc.

  • Product Validation

    Our product validation team conducts some sort of analysis to analyze the products manufactured in compliance with the requisite specification, which is the end result of this will ensure that the product was manufactured in the proper manner. Our team will check the ingredients or raw materials are used in exact quantity to produce the product, just to ensure the quality.

  • Social Compliance Audit

    This puts more importance on the workforce than on the product produced. As a customer, you may think the supplier or producer will do this, and this does not affect you either. Yet in fact compliance breach might affect you as well. The social compliances are some kind of rules and regulations decided by the government.

  • Supplier’s supplier audit

    As part of quality production we insist on carrying out a supplier audit or raw material supplier's audit. This is intended to ensure that the raw materials used comply with international standards. Using raw materials of low quality may call into question the quality of the end product. For a better outcome, we have a predefined method to proceed during the Supplier Audit.

  • Resource Audit

    The key aim of resource auditing is to understand a company's resource base. This resource can be of two types, tangible and intangible. Tangible means physical strengths like human power, equipment, inventory, etc, whereas intangible resources includes intellectual thinking, customer list, copyrights, etc. We always suggest understanding about your service provider before you step in to a new business with them.

  • Legal status verification audit

    Verifying the legal status is also a task before collaborating, just to ensure that there will never be any potential problems.

  • Container Inspection Audit

    Our auditors will perform certain container inspection audit and verifies the final packaging, code, batch number, and all that matters the export compliance.

  • Quantity, Quality and Labelling Audit

    As a final step for a better business experience this should be performed. A final analysis of the quality & quantity of the product and also, auditing the labelling. Label audit can always predict and stop related problems incorrect labelling.

  • COVID19 Readiness Inspection

    Each industry will establish certain conformity after this Pandemic season for the well-being of customers and workers alike. Our auditors shall carry out certain types of audits in each sector, taking into account Covid-19 compliance

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