WRAP certification

WRAP Certification

Demonstrate the commitment to the worldwide accredited production

Its abbreviation is Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP). It is autonomous, objective, a non-profit group of worldwide social consistency specialists who are dedicated to, legal, and they are accommodating and assembling the world for promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the globe through certification and instruction. WRAP is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, the USA having offices in Hong Kong and Bangladesh and full-time staff in India and Southeast Asia.

What is WRAP

The main objective is to monitor independently and fulfills the global standards based on social responsibility for the production and manufacturing of the products by following the law, ethical and humane conditions. Primary principles of WRAP are compliance with Laws and Workplace Regulations, prohibition of forced labor, child labor, harassment, and discrimination.

Why certification is good for my business

  • WRAP helps to promote lawful, safe, humane and ethical manufacturing across the world.
  • Systematic and collaborative approach to the social compliance and the sustainability.
  • Systematic and collaborative approach can leads to cost effective resources.
  • Enhance the credibility and dependability.

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