FDA certification

FDA Certification

Demonstrate the commitment to the safety of food

Its abbreviation is Food and Drug Administration, a government agency which is responsible for food safety, human drugs, dietary supplements, vaccines, blood products and other biological, medical devices, tobacco and veterinarian products being sold and manufactured in the United States.

What is FDA

FDA is primarily used for protecting the public health. This is a government agency which established in the year of 1906.The agency currently separated into five centers which oversee a majority of the organization's obligations involving food, drugs, cosmetics, animal food, dietary supplements, medical devices, biological goods and blood products.

An organization that manufactures, re label and repack the products must be registered with the FDA. The process of registration will vary from one to another based on industries commonly annual registration should include all list of the drug being prepared, manufactured, and processed.

Why certification is good for my business

  • Helps to protect and promote the public health through the control and supervision of food safety etc.
  • Helps to raise the public awareness of addictive qualities and the food ingredients that are harmful for consumption.

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