AS9100 certification

AS9100 Certification

Demonstrate and ensure the quality of all parts of aerospace

AS9100 is the quality based system model for quality assurance in design, servicing, production, development, and installation. AS9100 was developed by using ISO 9001 standard. AS9100 adhere follows the ISO 9001 standards requirements and supplements with extra quality system requirement.

What is AS9100

AS9100 was the first standard to use across the aerospace community, by including the required requirements to address both military aviation needs, needs of aerospace and civil. This was established by the aerospace industry in order to satisfy the DOD, NASA and FAA quality requirements. It is majorly used by world’s leading aerospace companies and their supply chain networks. This is used by the entire aerospace sectors which include the activities like manufacturing, design, supplying and maintenance. If a company got that specified certification then we can make sure and be confident that the company is having the effective quality management system. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the aerospace industry require certification of AS9100 from subcontractors and suppliers.

Why certification is good for my business

  • Greater employee quality awareness.
  • Reduced costs are obtained through improved product reliability.
  • Better process control and flow.

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